Hutkangiissá lávlagat


Hutkangiissá lávlagat


Hutkángiissá lávlagat is a CD for children with songs from Hutkangiisá, Nigá ja Nelle máilbmi and the app Nigá ja Nelle hukseba.

The CD includes also karaoke tracks of all the songs, so it is easy to use at kindergartens and schools when singing together.

The songs are created by Kirsi Paltto with help from Liisa Helander.
Vocal: Kirsi Paltto, Kai Somby, Máddji Hætta, Biret-Iŋgá Pieski, Eles Paltto, Jánoš Paltto

The songs:

Arvedávgeráp – Jánoš Paltto
Beaivváža nieida – Máddji Hætta
Huksenlávlla – Biret-Iŋgá Pieski
Rogganrock – Kai Somby
Diŋ dáŋ – Máddji Hætta
Njoammila dálvi – Kirsi Paltto
Nigá ráp – Eles Paltto
Mánu mánát – Kirsi Paltto
Ču-ču-čuoiggadan – Kai Somby
Lahtta – Máddji Hætta
Meahccái – Kai Somby
Arvedávgi – Kirsi Paltto
Nohkastan – Biret-Iŋgá Pieski


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