Gosse Finduse lij onne


Gosse Finduse lij onne


Farmer Pettson sat doing the crossword, with Findus the cat on his knee.
“Tell me about when I disappeared,” said Findus. “You haven’t disappeared,” said Pettson, “you’re sitting right here.”
“Yes, but – when I was little.”
“Oh then … But you’ve heard the story so often before.”
“But tell it to me anyway!”

Now you can read the famous story about when Findus was little and disappeared – also in Saami language, translated by Kirsi Paltto (North Sami), Stig Riemmbe Gælok (Lule Sami) and Ellen Jonassen (South Sami).

Go Finddoš lei unni ja jávkkai: 978-82-92649-33-6 (North Sami)
Gå Findus unnagattjan gádoj: 978-82-92649-34-3 (Lule Sami)
Gosse Finduse lij onne jïh gaarvani: 978-82-92649-32-9 (South Sami)

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