Sami Letters

Sami Letters

In North and Lule Sámi we use some letters that require that you add a new keyboard setting on your PC:
– North Sámi: á š ŧ ŋ đ ž č
– Lule Sámi: á ŋ

In Windows you add a new keyboard this way:

– Control Panel
– Time, Language and Region
– Region and Language
– Change keyboard and indatamethods
– Keyboard and language
– Change keyboards
– Add
– North Sami, Norway OR Lule Sami, Norway
– Ok

A box for language selection is shown on the bottom of your screen. There you can choose SM (Sámi) instead of your language. Then you can write the sámi letters.

You find the letters on these places on the keyboard:

You can easily switch between the different keyboards by holding down Alt while pressing Shift.

Computer Requirements

Operative system:– Windows /NT/ XP / Vista/7 / Linux, Mac
Flash 9.0 or later:– Free download from
Browser:– For audio recordings, Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.
Otherwise, the most used.
Pentium II 300MHz
64MB RAM or more

Audio recording

It is possible to record your voice in the Sámi language courses. This requires that you use Internet Explorer as browser. First time using the language course, an audio record plugin is installed. This can be done manually by a system administrator here:

Click “install” twice and then “ok”.

Recordings are stored temporarily and are removed automatically when you go to another web page.

Check of your computer
Don’t the e-learning pages work as they should?

1. Click on the Sjekk programvare (Program check) up to the right on the page

2. All the computer requirements should be marked with an “ok”.

Problems with Lydopptak (Audio recording)? Try this:
1. You need to use Internet Explorer
2. Install the components for audio recording (see separate information about this)
3. Close your browser and make a new try
4. Remove pop-up blockers, see settings below

Problems with the Flash Player:
Install the Flash Player from

Was the popup-window blocked?
Stop the blocking of Popup-windows on this site:

In Internet Explorer:

-Go to Tools and Internet Options
– Go to Popup-Blocker, Settings
– Write in the field Address of website
– Click on OK

Some computers do have Popup Blockers as a part of the Google or Yahoo toolbar. Make sure that the popup blockers are turned off in these as well, or remove them.