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Kirsi Paltto - Managing Director (cand.philol. UiT)

Kirsi Paltto – Managing Director (cand.philol. UiT)


Kirsi Paltto coordinates the development of web-based learning material and courses. She is also coordinator for the teacher`s  at our language courses.

Kirsi Paltto translates into Sami from different languages and speaks Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, German, Spanish and Russian. She is also an author, using then her whole name Kirsi Máret Paltto.

Kirsi Paltto has extensive experience of developing web-based learning materials for Sami children and adults, and of developing online Sami courses.

‘If it does not exist,

we create it.’



Jan Skoglund Paltto - Marketing Director

Jan Skoglund Paltto – Marketing Director

Jan Skoglund Paltto is project coordinator for all language services and manages the rental of interpreting equipment.

Jan Skoglund Paltto has extensive experience of mediating Sami language services and is concerned with developing services that increase the status of the Sami language and culture in society.

‘We give the world

what the world needs.’




ABC-Company has highly qualified staff who master the Sami language and culture at university college and university level.

ABC-Company E-skuvla AS (E-skuvla)  is a total supplier of Sami language services for the public and private sector. It offers translations of documents, simultaneous interpreting, and rental of interpreting equipment.

ABC Company specialises in translating public documents between the Sami languages and Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish. ABC Company also translates between other languages. More info: www.abc-company.no

ABC Company offers high-quality interpreting services in several languages to public and private players, where a proper understanding of communication is a necessity.

Sami online school and publisher

ABC Company (E-skuvla) is an officially approved Sami online school and publisher. ABC Company ‘s courses give everyone the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of the Sami language and culture.


ABC Company’s vision is to serve as a professional link between public agencies in Norway and to strengthen the position of the Sami language as an administrative language in all areas of society.

ABC Company’s vision is also to work continuously to develop Sami language services that facilitate communication between different parties in situations where the parties do not understand each other’s language.

The aim of ABC-Company is to offer high-quality Sami language services, so that the Sami language and culture can gain their rightful place in official contexts in Norway.

The aim is also to increase knowledge of the Sami language, culture and society among all interested parties.

Approved online school
E-skuvla was approved as public network school in 2013. There is VOX which accredits schools together with the Ministry of Education. quality Handbook

Quality Handbook
E-skuvla follow Norway flexibleutddaningforbundets kvalitetshåndbokk.